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Enjoy Your Holiday Using Only Hand Luggage

When it comes to going on holiday, there can be a series of costs depending on how we book our holiday, as well as how we pack. It’s completely normal for us to go into panic-mode and take a lot more than is required for our holiday, and suffer the financial ramifications as a result. As such, it can be handy to know just how much we can pack in relation to our hand luggage, which can mean more holiday spending money as a result.

Try and Avoid Cold Countries

While countries such as Russia and Canada have a lot to offer tourists, it’s unlikely that you will be able to make it with hand luggage alone. This can often be because you need a lot of layers, which in turn will be much thicker than that of your summer outfits. As such, you should try and look for somewhere hot to visit, which will mean that you can pack the minimum without worrying about going over your hand luggage allowance. Some of the destinations worth considering include Spain, Greece and even France at certain times of the year.

Try and Make Your Holiday Convenient

While we can save a great deal of money by ensuring that we only take items that are deemed hand luggage size, we still need to make some considerations for when we arrive, as this can often help during the packing stage. For example, will you be staying at a resort, and will there be items included. Even something as simple as the hotel providing toiletries can free up some much-needed space when it comes to hand luggage size.

Another factor to consider is whether it will be more cost-effective to buy items such as toiletries abroad. While there still an expense, many find that it can be cheaper to purchase toiletries abroad, rather than squeezing them into hand luggage.

Ensure You Have the Right Suitcase

When it comes to hand luggage size, it can be difficult to know whether it adheres to the airlines require dimensions. As such, we should check what the dimensions of our hand luggage should be before packing. For example, those flying with EasyJet will find that their allowance is 56cm x 45cm x 25cm (including handles and wheels,) but no weight restriction. Ryanair on the other hand allow for a cabin bag (55cm x 40cm x 20cm) and one small bag (35cm x 20cm x 20cm) but offer a maximum weight of 10kg. Knowing your limitations in advance can make for a more stress-free packing endeavour.

Should the Children Have Cabin Luggage?

When it comes to saving money, there is no danger in ensuring you have a cabin luggage solution for kids in place, as they same methods will be followed, in that you should only take what is required. If everyone is able to conform to the limits, then it means more money for the family moving forward. However, you should ensure that you’re not forfeiting ay important items, such as baby food for the plane, or medication for when you’re abroad. Your health of you and your loved ones can never be outweighed by hand luggage size.