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This is a Suitcase with an optional and portable built-in 8000mAh charger! The case includes a small pocket inside so you plug the mobile to the suitcase when needed.


Fun Suitcases Luggage Made of Recycled Materials

USB Charger Trolley for Mobiles Tokyoto Luggage30 Liters Real Capacity Trolley

Powerbank Capacity: 8000mAh (It can charge a mobile 2-3 times): The charger comes with connectors for all smartphones (USB, MicroUSB, Iphone and Type-C).
-Accepted as Cabin Luggage in all major Airlines (Ryanair, Vueling, Iberia, British Airways, Easyjet, etc)
-Size: 20″ x 7,88″ x 13,77″ (20,86″ including Wheels)
-Size: 50cm x 20cm x 35cm (55cm including wheels)
Airlines Cabin Luggage Dimentions TOKYOTO LUGGAGE

Ecofriendly Materials+
Made of Recycled Materials

Let´s make our planet GREEN again
We are concerned and determined to use only optimized recycled plastics, more resistant, flexible and durable than normal plastics and better used and sustainable with the environment.

Great Amazon Reviews+
We are acing perfection on Amazon Reviews, where you may also acquire some of our models.


-Powerbank Capacity: 8000mAh (It can charge a mobile 2-3 times): The charger comes with connectors for all smartphones (USB, MicroUSB, Iphone and Type-C).
-Lightweighted Luggage 2,7 Kg (6,40 Lb) 30L.
-Materials: Extremely robust, lightweight polycarbonate trolley case.
-Top and side carry handle.
-Highly resistant black tube handle.
-Push button handle.
-360º multidirectional 4 wheel system.
-Warranty:2 years.
-Fixed TSA Lock: What is this?

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In a faraway land, there are cute characters wanting to be hugged tightly. We bring you this one so you can show it all the wonders in our planet. Cabin measurements: 55 x 35 x 20cm. so they will let you travel in all airlines without having to use the lightsaber.

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  1. William Cowle

    Good suitcase. Good value for money

  2. Charles Chamberlain

    It looks small, but it fits a lot of clothes

  3. Alice Boundy

    The suitcase is very beautiful, the zippers, the handle are very good and fine, the handles have a soft and comfortable touch inside.

  4. John Willetts

    Practical and beautiful

  5. Thos. Sherwood

    Enchanted with this suitcase

  6. Charlotte West

    It fully meets its purpose, good material and design.

  7. Sydney Haste


  8. Thos. Barnfield

    Beautiful suitcase ‘ my Enchanted Child’ comes with a protective film’ I don’t know how it works’ I’ll look at the instructions ‘ the quite attentive seller ‘ answers your e-mails right away ‘.

  9. James Preece

    Good suitcase at a very good price

  10. Jemima Tyler

    I use the powerbank as much as I can, I appreciate that it is removable.

  11. Eliza Royal

    A big suitcase

  12. Richard Hockenhull

    Very light and comfortable suitcase, excellent value for money

  13. Margaret Buchanan


  14. George Gold

    TOKYOTO quality, suitcase for years.

  15. Charles Gliddon

    It came dented, perfect return.

  16. William Bolton

    Super light. Very good finish. The 4 wheels give it incredible stability. The interior is divided into 2 parts, completely closed with zippers, so the content does not move and is super protected.

  17. Kezia Mitchell

    Very good cabin suitcase

  18. Charles Johnson

    Beautiful at an excellent price

  19. Agness Legge

    The quality of the suitcase is fantastic. It is even more beautiful live than in the photo.

  20. James Bowles

    Perfect size for not checking in and very comfortable

  21. Sarah Pacey

    Nice design and colors

  22. Margt. Bell

    Good suitcase. Good value for money

  23. Alfred Smith


  24. Oliver Parkinson

    Great, I love it.

  25. Sarah Stoneman

    Great product quality and perfect service. I am very happy with this purchase. I recommend it, the material is ideal

  26. Nell Griffiths

    Quality price is great

  27. Terse Oliver

    Perfect size for no billing and very comfortable

  28. John Aston

    100% Recommended

  29. Ann White

    Good buy

  30. Thomas Morton

    Practical and beautiful

  31. Chas. Facer

    Wonderful. The beautiful suitcase with an impressive finish. To repeat

  32. Robey Marriott

    Good suitcase and good price

  33. Gabriel Lupton

    100% Recommended

  34. John Brodie

    Beautiful and fulfills the expectations of the resistant children’s suitcase

  35. Rebecca Webber

    Very good suitcase

  36. Richardson Parkinson

    Good suitcase at a very good price

  37. Frederick Hall


  38. William Brown

    Different color

  39. Hannah Burton


  40. William Foreman

    Good quality/price ratio suitcase

  41. Martha Stockbridge

    Very miy mu funny suitcase! One pass, spacious enough, bright colors, well designed … very happy

  42. Sarah Jee

    Robust suitcase

  43. Catherine Bishop


  44. Henry Warren

    A basic suitcase, large, very light and the picture does not do justice to the color it has. It is a deep red slightly metallic, looks like the body of a car. I loved it.

  45. Edward Sharp

    As always TOKYOTO does not disappoint. I bought the medium size and after the test I decided on this model mainly because it has a zipper on both sides. It has nothing to do with other brands, even first brands

  46. Maud Clapham

    Super light and space maximized. You can see the quality. I have already made a few trips with it. It is ideal for those of us who travel frequently for a few days. It’s worth spending a little more on a product like this.

  47. Mary Harris

    The suitcase was very well packed

  48. Francis Hind

    Great suitcase.

  49. Thomas Sutcliffe

    Very comfortable to carry, spacious, light and robust. The size is perfect. Both the wheels and the rest of the construction look solid, I think they will last 10 years without problems.

  50. George Wilson

    I love the color. Good quality

  51. Thomas Spencer

    Beautiful, perfect gift.

  52. Thomas Winship

    piece of suitcase

  53. Alfred Hammond


  54. Henry Sanders

    Everything is fine, but you can only hold the clothes with tapes on one side

  55. Alice Hobson

    Very good quality and very nice drawing

  56. Harry Jones

    It is a very expensive suitcase but of great quality and comfortable.

  57. George Perkins

    Ideal Cabin Bag

  58. Mary Farthing

    A good buy

  59. William Wightman


  60. George Applewhite

    I like it and of course it’s for traveling

  61. Wiliam Meaker

    Its manageability is very good

  62. John Gratton

    Exactly what I was looking for

  63. Elizabeth Thompson

    Different color

  64. Lavinia Bennett

    The bags are very nice. The design is original and fun. They weigh little and the rudas slide very smoothly.

  65. Alexander Clark

    Beautiful at an excellent price

  66. Edwin Budding

    Tokyoto, play it safe

  67. Sarah Sykes

    It’s just what I needed.

  68. George Channing

    What a great buy, functional and light

  69. Willm. Chamberlain

    Beautiful and meets expectations of resistant cabin suitcase

  70. John Trent

    It’s what I expected, elegant design and very comfortable to drive. I’m happy with the purchase. It also comes with a cover to store and not take dust.

  71. Henry Woodcock

    Good suitcase at a very good price

  72. Amelia Jones

    I travel a lot and I decided to buy this suitcase for the trips and it comes to replace another one that I have of the same mark of 8 years ago. at the moment by weight it seems of another galaxy (super light) but by capacity I find it a pelin more just t

  73. John Salt

    Light and easy to handle. We bought it to our mother to travel and she is very happy! But if the instructions for handling the closure came closed inside the suitcase! The YouTube tutorial was indispensable!

  74. Frederick Lowe

    100% Recommended

  75. Thomas Price

    It’s good but it could be a little cheaper

  76. Eliza Woodrow


  77. Thomas Daniel

    I liked it very much because of the material it is made of, its capacity, color, easy and safe lock, low weight and ease of transport (very swiveling wheels). I think I did a very good operation when I bought it.

  78. Ellen Aston

    It weighs nothing and is very easy to carry even when fully loaded. The wheels work well. Problem: although the capacity, dimensions and weight are admitted by the airlines in most of their flights, some companies and from a certain weight, it c

  79. John Waite

    Enchanted with this suitcase

  80. Sarah Hughes

    It is great as a child’s suitcase . It can serve you for several years. The charger is likely to take it off and I use it, I find it very elegant

  81. Urinea Parsons

    good suitcase

  82. John Lee

    It fulfills as always TOKYOTO, Quality and in this case very good price. Light and very easy to move even very loaded. I recommend its purchase, you have suitcase for a long time. Fast shipping.

  83. Jane James

    Good super lightweight suitcase

  84. Christian Turner

    It’s a big suitcase and very nice and elegant, the color is beautiful.

  85. Herbert Everett


  86. Emma Pitfield

    Very good gift, still unused but soon to be released. I like the powerbank it comes with, very useful. Different suitcase where you have them

  87. Mary Maddison

    Very good suitcase

  88. Harry Cook


  89. James Richardson

    TOKYOTO quality, suitcase for years.

  90. Albert Harley

    I love this size of suitcase to travel

  91. William Hallet

    Lightweight and interior design

  92. Mary Jones

    As always perfect! Tokyoto never disappoints 🙂

  93. Frederick Marshall

    It is very cool better than I expected ?

  94. Alice Smith

    Great suitcase.

  95. Alice Nailor

    TOKYOTO..what to say. I got it matt black because it is less scratched, and even though I have been scratched the same on the first flight (even with the plastic protector), I am delighted with it.

  96. John Chester

    No weight

  97. James Webster

    Ideal for short trips

  98. James Lowe

    To give away

  99. William Roberts

    Beautiful, lightweight and in perfect condition

  100. Ellen Nield


  101. Fredrick Barlow

    Good quality and elegant, it fits a lot of clothes and the wheels go like silk. But keep in mind that it scratches easily because the finish is shiny. We wrap it up in the plastic they put you in at airports.

  102. Richard France

    The suitcase is great, beautiful and practical, it weighs almost nothing and the measures are appropriate. I recommend it without any doubt.

  103. William Leeder

    Service of 10 . Fast and the product has enchanted my wife very pretty and practical with the charger included.

  104. Mina Rogers

    The best suitcases.

  105. Robert Richards

    Exactly what I was looking for

  106. Thomas Williams

    I love the color. Good quality

  107. Janet McDonald

    Very good suitcase

  108. Emma Brawn

    Practical and comfortable to travel anywhere

  109. Kate Watson

    It is a very light and robust suitcase, you can mistreat it that the suitcase does not even change. For the price, I’ll say it’s worth it, although I haven’t been able to compare much since it’s the second one I have.

  110. Elizabeth Beech

    good suitcase

  111. Caroline Byng


  112. Eliza Pettit

    Perfect except for Cristiano Ronaldo

  113. Willie Barnes


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