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This is a Suitcase with an optional and portable built-in 8000mAh charger! The case includes a small pocket inside so you plug the mobile to the suitcase when needed.


Fun Suitcases Luggage Made of Recycled Materials

USB Charger Trolley for Mobiles Tokyoto Luggage30 Liters Real Capacity Trolley

Powerbank Capacity: 8000mAh (It can charge a mobile 2-3 times): The charger comes with connectors for all smartphones (USB, MicroUSB, Iphone and Type-C).
-Accepted as Cabin Luggage in all major Airlines (Ryanair, Vueling, Iberia, British Airways, Easyjet, etc)
-Size: 20″ x 7,88″ x 13,77″ (20,86″ including Wheels)
-Size: 50cm x 20cm x 35cm (55cm including wheels)
Airlines Cabin Luggage Dimentions TOKYOTO LUGGAGE

Ecofriendly Materials+
Made of Recycled Materials

Let´s make our planet GREEN again
We are concerned and determined to use only optimized recycled plastics, more resistant, flexible and durable than normal plastics and better used and sustainable with the environment.

Great Amazon Reviews+
We are acing perfection on Amazon Reviews, where you may also acquire some of our models.


-Powerbank Capacity: 8000mAh (It can charge a mobile 2-3 times): The charger comes with connectors for all smartphones (USB, MicroUSB, Iphone and Type-C).
-Lightweighted Luggage 2,7 Kg (6,40 Lb) 30L.
-Materials: Extremely robust, lightweight polycarbonate trolley case.
-Top and side carry handle.
-Highly resistant black tube handle.
-Push button handle.
-360º multidirectional 4 wheel system.
-Warranty:2 years.
-Fixed TSA Lock: What is this?

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A Geisha folded into a cabin hand luggage? No! It’s a Kokeshi doll transformed into an stunning, chic fun suitcase!

Additional information

Weight2.8 kg
Dimensions20 × 35 × 55 cm



  1. Sarah Lloyd

    We bought it in the office for a colleague and he loved it. A hit!

  2. Mary Edwards

    Cool trolley for weekends, awesome designs, lovely gift.

  3. John Bly

    Very good cabin suitcase

  4. William Hill

    Very good suitcase

  5. Edward Budd

    Beautiful and meets expectations of resistant suitcase

  6. Arthur Brewis


  7. Leonard Carrington

    Good suitcase and very light, to very good price

  8. Elizabeth Otton


  9. Edith Fenn

    Practical and beautiful

  10. Ivy Wynn

    Good buy

  11. Isabella MacKenzie

    The suitcase is magnificent, although it would improve the ‘service’ if it included some explanation or reference that would facilitate the cumbersome task of removing the protective film.

  12. William Hargreaves

    light and comfortable suitcase

  13. Johan Thorpe

    Magnificent suitcase

  14. Sara Silvester

    Great capacity and reliabilitySuper light and resistant, very durable, I bought the previous one 10 years ago and it is still without defects in spite of the extreme mistreatment of the airports.

  15. Martha Wilkin

    As always TOKYOTO does not disappoint. I bought the medium size and after the test I decided on this model mainly because it has a zipper on both sides.very practical and light. It has nothing to do with other brands even first brands

  16. Christn. Barber

    It could be perfect, but it is not.

  17. Robert Stevenson

    100% Recommended

  18. Elizabeth Carter

    Light, handy and beautiful

  19. Richard Snape

    The best hand luggage I have ever had. Light and resistant

  20. Alice Clement

    An exceptional suitcase, lightweight, robust, with an ideal size, very comfortable handling and a price without competition. Very happy with the purchase

  21. Adelaide Small

    piece of cabin suitcase

  22. William Ager

    Good suitcase and original the option of charger. The design is absolutely attractive

  23. Henry Chivers

    Great cabin bag.

  24. Georgina Moon

    Good suitcase

  25. Elizabeth Baker

    Very good for the price you have.

  26. John Bennett

    Very good suitcase even better than a similar model Rimova, very light and good price ratio. I recommend it for people who travel a lot.

  27. William Heyward

    Good cabin bag at a very good price

  28. William Bowley

    ideal cabin suitcase

  29. Hardwick Burnell


  30. Mary Boreham


  31. Mary Middleton

    Only one drawback: the exterior

  32. William Clarke

    Hello today I received the suitcase, the design, the wheels and everything I loved. it is not very heavy and is very comfortable to handle and the truth is that it was for my son and he loved the design has been very excited

  33. Robert Rowland


  34. Henry Baker

    Good to have the USB option

  35. Arthur Westcott

    Perfect for low-cost flights

  36. Mary Viner

    It arrived almost from one day to another, as who says, it is great, simply PERFECT, super good quality, as in the photo, was the perfect gift from Reyes for my husband. He didn’t expect it and he’s like a little boy with new shoes, as soon as he buys the

  37. Mary Williams

    Robust suitcase

  38. Walter Lee

    I like the design, but especially the weight. Very comfortable to wear.

  39. Lily Vesey


  40. Frederick Cheshire

    Beautiful color, very nice.

  41. Algernon Oswald

    Very good for the price you have.

  42. Lewis Lewis

    It is very xula

  43. Emma Attenborough

    Fantastic suitcase

  44. Emily Read

    The children are delighted with their original suitcases.

  45. Emily Hocking

    Super lightweight and yet resistant, expensive but good quality!

  46. W.a. Cox

    Al correct. Nice attention from Seller.

  47. Alice Mabbott

    It’s good but could be a little cheaper

  48. Christopher Ragg


  49. Thomas Goodson

    It is beautiful and practical, a little expensive but within the logic

  50. John Vincent

    Very good suitcase for your trips

  51. Sarah Pallister

    100% Recommended

  52. William Gamble

    Fantastic cabin bag option

  53. Robert Foulkes

    Super useful charger, gives you extra confidence knowing that you will not run out of battery. The suitcase is 100% as expected, apart from the shipment has come super well packed and super fast, to put some glue is that if you do not put a cover is easi

  54. James Baker

    Different color

  55. Mary Host

    Very good cabin suitcase

  56. Jane Gillow

    A resistant and spacious suitcase

  57. Ada Foreman

    Great quality.

  58. Ellen Rothery

    super resistant

  59. Lucy Roberts

    It’s great

  60. Joseph Marston

    The product is very good

  61. Rich Jenkins

    All perfect, fast delivery and lightweight suitcase and beautiful. There are several characters to choose from, I liked all the truth.

  62. John Cox

    I love it, super light and comfortable

  63. Laura Hicks


  64. John Gibson

    good cabin suitcase

  65. Annie Ball

    The best cabins suitcase.

  66. Aban Chambers

    Great suitcase. Super light. Just what I needed to avoid overweight on planes and at a very good price. Very good experience with the seller (the luggage store) that I change the suitcase x another larger size without problem and very efficiently if

  67. William Colledge


  68. Martha Reed

    Incredible quality and comfort

  69. Teresa Viviani

    Light, handy and beautiful

  70. Dorithy Tomlinson

    It looks small, but it fits a lot of clothes

  71. Elizabeth Taylor

    I use the powerbank for my bike, I carry it in my pocket because I’m too lazy to put it in my suitcase. It’s lightweight and easy to handle. The shooter could be more robust. But I have a Samsonite and in the end everyone dances a little.

  72. Tripheny Dodd

    Everything was perfect except for the arrival of the product which took 3 days longer than expected. Although it is true that I ordered it during the pandemic. The suitcase was one of the best, the brightness of colors and finishes I like a lot and seem

  73. Mary Williams


  74. George Smart

    Modern, large capacity, lightweight.

  75. Edward Lawless

    Good cabin bag and good price

  76. Catherine Chandler

    Very good Cabin Bag

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