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This is a Suitcase with an optional and portable built-in 8000mAh charger! The case includes a small pocket inside so you plug the mobile to the suitcase when needed.


Fun Suitcases Luggage Made of Recycled Materials

USB Charger Trolley for Mobiles Tokyoto Luggage30 Liters Real Capacity Trolley

Powerbank Capacity: 8000mAh (It can charge a mobile 2-3 times): The charger comes with connectors for all smartphones (USB, MicroUSB, Iphone and Type-C).
-Accepted as Cabin Luggage in all major Airlines (Ryanair, Vueling, Iberia, British Airways, Easyjet, etc)
-Size: 20″ x 7,88″ x 13,77″ (20,86″ including Wheels)
-Size: 50cm x 20cm x 35cm (55cm including wheels)
Airlines Cabin Luggage Dimentions TOKYOTO LUGGAGE

Ecofriendly Materials+
Made of Recycled Materials

Let´s make our planet GREEN again
We are concerned and determined to use only optimized recycled plastics, more resistant, flexible and durable than normal plastics and better used and sustainable with the environment.

Great Amazon Reviews+
We are acing perfection on Amazon Reviews, where you may also acquire some of our models.


-Powerbank Capacity: 8000mAh (It can charge a mobile 2-3 times): The charger comes with connectors for all smartphones (USB, MicroUSB, Iphone and Type-C).
-Lightweighted Luggage 2,7 Kg (6,40 Lb) 30L.
-Materials: Extremely robust, lightweight polycarbonate trolley case.
-Top and side carry handle.
-Highly resistant black tube handle.
-Push button handle.
-360º multidirectional 4 wheel system.
-Warranty:2 years.
-Fixed TSA Lock: What is this?

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With this Carry-on bag they will start claping as soon as you step into the airplane. It has all the flamenco flavor, faralaes dresses, polka dots, shawl, hair comb, roses, and fan. If you listen carefully you might hear pilgrim’s choirs.

Additional information

Weight2.8 kg
Dimensions20 × 32 × 55 cm



  1. William Cassell

    If you want quality you have to pay for it…There are cheaper ones, but you get what you pay for in this case. It is very big inside (much more than others of its exterior size) with several compartments.

  2. Joe Walker

    Hilarious! My children are delighted. The Powerbank charger is quite useful… I’ll repeat the brand, everything is perfect.

  3. Arthur Pounds

    It looks small, but it fits a lot of clothes

  4. Elizabeth Heald


  5. Rose Hart

    I would emphasize the capacity, comfort and lightness of the suitcase, the perfect size for the mother and two small.

  6. Louis Pears

    Light, handy and beautiful

  7. William Ackland

    100% Recommended

  8. William Hawes

    New product and no problem.

  9. Daisy Hill

    Great quality.

  10. John Newcombe

    Very nice! I was expecting a little more space, but it’s not a problem, I need it!

  11. Georgina Burns

    Exactly what I was looking for

  12. Sarah Fearnley

    If you travel a lot it is a great investment that you will not regret

  13. George Kirby

    Tokyoto, play it safe

  14. William Dugard

    Good children’s suitcase

  15. Elizabeth Child

    super resistant

  16. Ann Stanley

    How well packaged the Powerbank comes. TOKYOTO quality is unbeatable. This case is very light. But at the same time you can put a lot of things inside.

  17. Lucy Lee

    What I expected

  18. Mary Lynch

    Great quality.

  19. Margery Redpath

    Fantastic cabin bag option

  20. James Hindle

    It was carrying 2 large suitcases on a long journey. As you could see the stability of the TOKYOTO… A 10

  21. Samuel Brown

    The suitcase is fantastic and for the price I bought it I saved about 80 euros. Comfortable, excellent quality, well made and beautiful. It is not necessary to spend a lot to buy a Samsonite to have first quality.

  22. Annie Horton

    Very good children’s suitcase

  23. Frederick Alcock

    I love the color. Good quality

  24. Sarah Evans

    Good suitcase

  25. Frank Peters

    Impressive design. An irreverent, daring, well designed and well finished suitcase. Very satisfied

  26. Flora Brett

    Very good purchase. Very nice suitcase! I bought it for my son but I don’t rule out using it myself

  27. Margaret Marmion

    Lightweight, practical, decently robust. Serious handles, wheels are not bad. The very elegant loader.

  28. Sarah Chambers

    Light, handy and beautiful

  29. Ethel Garwood

    Magnificent suitcase

  30. Sarah Stacey

    perfect gift! It’s very light, it fits quite a lot of clothes and the idea of the charger seems good to me. It is the first suitcase I have of this brand but it looks good.

  31. Harriet Partridge

    Exactly what I was looking for

  32. Louisa Hammond

    Ideal Cabin Bag

  33. Thomas Walker

    No weight

  34. George Cole

    It is very light

  35. John Walker

    The best suitcase of trip that I have never had. It is expensive, but if you find a good offer it is worth it.

  36. John Griffin

    It arrived in 48 hours perfectly packed and without any damage. My boy loves!!!! We recommend the brand and the suitcase, it’s great in design, quality and format.

  37. William Spilsbury

    Suitcase with very good completion, the delivery was fast

  38. Emma Sanders


  39. George Trotman


  40. Alberta Blackler

    I am very happy with the purchase. I opened it last weekend and I found it very comfortable and practical.

  41. Edmund Rayment

    No weight

  42. Selina Bolton

    Quality and design for a suitcase with a very good capacity. Both the telescopic handle (often a weak point of this type of suitcase) and the four double wheels have a precise and comfortable operation.

  43. Ada Shute

    Good, even though I was expecting it to be more spacious. I got it quickly and it’s returnable, but I kept it, it’s an impressive design.

  44. Robert Brown

    Perfect except for Cristiano Ronaldo

  45. William Taylor

    I got it quickly, but they got the model mixed up. They changed it in 48h, good customer service.

  46. Margaret Moon

    I love the color. Good quality

  47. Elizabeth Massingham

    Very good suitcase

  48. Maud Wood

    It came dented, perfect return.

  49. Edward McCarthy

    It was a gift from my sister to my nephew.

  50. Mary Jones

    Light, wide and durable, good wheels

  51. William Sayers

    Very happy with the purchase. The suitcase comes perfectly packed, the seller very attentive and quick response to a question about the TSA lock they bring. Decent quality.

  52. John Grady

    Ideal for short trips

  53. George Pearson


  54. Hannah Miller

    Fantastic suitcase

  55. Mary Haley


  56. Annie Brown

    Good suitcase and good price

  57. Emily Meekin

    Only one drawback: the exterior

  58. Mary Bray

    The best suitcases.

  59. Arthur Jagger

    I have not yet released, but it does not seem a very good quality suitcase. Perhaps a scarce storage capacity in one of the parts for being located the bars of the handle. Several compartments in its interior. Ideal for trips of little duration. Excellent

  60. Selina Ellison


  61. Frank Pearson


  62. Margaret Hilton

    Very good children’s suitcase

  63. Jane Pike

    It does its job perfectly. It marks itself out very much with use.

  64. Edward Rawlings

    The suitcase fits what you see the web, a very cool design with quality material, wheels, zippers, etc. The theme of the powerbank is very practical and innovative. I am very happy with the purchase. Totally recommendable.

  65. Mary Morgans

    Very good suitcase

  66. Sarah Jones

    It corresponds perfectly to what I expected

  67. Eliza Bragg

    Very good suitcase

  68. Charlotte Bligh

    Light, and apparently resistant

  69. Mary Lunn

    Good to have the USB option

  70. George Potter

    Tokyoto, play it safe

  71. Susan Dixson

    A great children’s suitcase

  72. Geo. Jay

    Good Cabin size, quality/price ratio

  73. Nathan Hall

    Very good for the price you have.

  74. George West

    Enchanted with this Children’s Suitcase

  75. Joseph Robinson

    Ideal for short trips

  76. Isaac Walker

    New product and no problem.

  77. Catherine Price

    Modern, large capacity, lightweight.

  78. Henry Squires

    Robust children’s suitcase

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