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We’d like to share the story of TOKYOTO LUGGAGE, which began in 2009 when we rented a small office in London. The idea of designing innovative suitcases came to us while we were in the luggage collection area of Tokyo Airport (Narita Airport), surrounded by monotonous black, blue, and gray suitcases.

It compelled us to book a flight to China in search of the perfect factory for our product. Yes, China! The country known for manufacturing iconic brands like iPhones, Superdry, Quicksilver, Adidas, Asos, Calvin Klein, and many others.

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We never anticipated the overwhelmingly positive response to our designs and the growth of TOKYOTO LUGGAGE into what it is today—a humble luggage brand with great potential. Our suitcases transcend being mere travel accessories; they are coveted objects of desire. Each design is meticulously crafted with both aesthetic and functional considerations in mind.

Our suitcases are meant to captivate attention, while also meeting the demands of travel. We’ve considered potential issues such as drops, tugs and pulls, overweight handling, wheel performance, and zipper functionality. Every aspect is carefully thought out in a TOKYOTO LUGGAGE suitcase.