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How to pack your hand luggage like a pro

Here at Tokyoto Luggage we are proud to stock a number of different choices of hand luggage for your trip. Every piece that we sell is perfectly designed to not only make sure that it has plenty of space for everything that you need, but that they will look gorgeous as you walk through the airport.

Thinking about treating yourself to one of our awesome cases for your next trip? Worried that you won’t have enough space for everything that you need? Well, we have some top tips on how you can make sure that you pack everything that you need, in a smaller space.

Don’t overpack shoes

Believe it or not, a common mistake when it comes to packing is trying to take one too many pairs of shoes. For any holiday, you should really only need 3 pairs. One pair for everyday wear, one for wear at the beach or the pool and one for the evening! Shoes are an item that is likely to take up space in your suitcase, so make sure that you pack these first.

Roll up bulky items

Whilst you hope that the weather will be nice, there is always a chance that you will need to take a jumper or a cardigan for your break. If you do, then these items can take up space in your case, so roll them as tightly as you can rather than try and fold them. If you have an elastic band that will go round them to keep them rolled, then this is going to help keep them in place.

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Stack your t-shirts and trousers

Find that your staples move around during the travels? Worried that your t-shirts will take up too much space? Rather than folding them the normal way, you can instead fold them into small rectangles and stack them vertically against the side of your case. Not only will they then take up less space, but they are less likely to move during transit (if you stack something else next to them to stop them from moving) and unfold or become creased.

Don’t take too much underwear

We all like to be prepared when we go on holiday but there probably isn’t any point taking 25 pairs of pants with you. They may not take up space on their own, but when you think about that many pairs, they will soon use up space. Aim for one pair for every day, and if the worst happens make sure you take some travel wash as your pants and socks can be washed and dried quickly!

So, now you know that you don’t have to have a massive suitcase to fit in everything you need for your trip. Why not check out the amazing hand luggage cases that we have on our online store and see if you can find one that really appeals?