5 Airport Curiosities you didn´t know (Google Translated) - Tokyoto Luggage

1. There is an application that tells you how many people are at the Security Arch Control.
The My TSA mobile application lets you see in real time how much queue there is to pass the security arch. It can be very useful to calculate times and avoid that the registration of your suitcase makes you miss flights.


2. About 4% of the bags that are reported as “lost” are not recovered
Cabin suitcases are lost much less or almost nothing than suitcases that go in the hold. This is where there is minimal risk of loss. Especially in the suitcases that fly to Asia or vice versa, which is the area of ​​the world that loses the most. Well, of those that are reported as “lost suitcase” only 4% lose their trail, the rest are recovered.


3. The myth that if I check-in from the last (dropp-off) my suitcase will come out of the first
There is a belief (false false) that if you check your suitcase from the last, that suitcase remains so accessible in the hold that it leaves the first through the Baggage belt.


Fake! It all depends on the internal processes of the airport, the changes and relocations of luggage from the airline’s “Handling” company, the number of wagons that the truck has that moves the luggage through the internal routes of the airport, etc …


There are so many variables that it is impossible to know in what position your suitcase will be when you enter or leave the plane.



4. Hong Kong airport and its Golf course and Munich and its Surf lessons.
Yes, as you hear it. In Munich you can give Surf lessons at the airport itself (it is not always available, but they do many editions of this event).


And in Hong Kong they have a golf course, ale, there you have them.

We assure you that our cabin luggage does not fit a surf board, but hey, everything will work.


5. Try not to exchange currency at airports, they usually have the worst exchange rate
For an emergency they are very good, but you pay for that emergency. The best thing is to use changes in your usual bank (physical office) or start using “Revolut” style cards that are designed to pay during the trip without the exchange fees making the payment more expensive.

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