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Using Only Hand Luggage

Enjoy Your Holiday Using Only Hand Luggage When it comes to going on holiday, there can be a series of costs depending on how we book our holiday, as well as how we pack. It’s completely normal for us to go into panic-mode and take a lot more than is required for our...

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How to pack your hand luggage like a pro

How to pack your hand luggage like a pro Here at Tokyoto Luggage we are proud to stock a number of different choices of hand luggage for your trip. Every piece that we sell is perfectly designed to not only make sure that it has plenty of space for everything that you...

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A Guide to Finding the Best Luggage for You

Classic and useful cabin trolleys are really strong and just like other cabin luggage they are great to look at and easily pulled about any airport terminal. Size, material, price and other specifics need to be considered before you buy a luggage. A number of factors...

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